202016...Juliana Layered Olivine & Emerald R/S Starburst Brooch ...$45.00
GLITZY, GLITZY! This lovely Juliana design measures 2 3/4" across and really packs a punch! Constructed in soldered layers, the brooch has a depth of almost 3/4". The 18X5mm olivine glass navettes are open backed and unfoiled. The lower layer has the olivine navettes separated by rows of 3 minty green aurora borealis rhinestone rounds. The top layer has a row of the navettes slanting upwards like the petals of a flower. In the center is a mound of AB green rhinestone rounds with an 11mm darker green rhinestone round as it's center. All of the stones are prongset into goldtone and are absolutely brilliant! In Excellent Condition. Back(click here)
205030...HUGE Multicolor Rhinestone Czech Glass Brooch ...$45.00
This is a lovely older piece that measures 2 1/2" across. The setting is potmetal and the stones are all original. There are navette rhinestones in aqua, sapphire, topaz, pink, in 2 rows. The outer row has rhinestone rounds in the same color in between the navettes. along the outer edge are round glass cabochons in aqua, ruby, topaz. All are deep set and glued into the settings. The center green glass cabochon is faceted and is rather deep-1/4". It sits in an antiqued brass setting with brass leaves radiating. The back has a brass filigree that holds the rivet to the centerpiece on the front. A striking piece full of color- and the stones are very nice. In Excellent condition for it's age! Back(click here)
201004...Sterling Eisenberg? Emerald Green Rhinestone Fur Clip ...$45.00
The colors were very hard to capture with a scanner! The greens are the same in all of the stones- just a trick of the scanner light. Measuring 1 7/8" by 1 7/8", the design is actually 2 pieces, one on top of the other and attached with a hook and eye type wire closure. Clip Open(click here) The stones, design and quality say Eisenberg- although this piece is unsigned. The clip itself is signed STERLING and I am sure the entire piece is Sterling given its weight and patina. The clip is obviously the type used on Eisenberg pieces, it is attached across the top, Top of clip(click here) and has the prong "catchers" on the back of the piece. Back(click here) All of the stones are held with thick prongs and there are minute chips to the tips of the diamond shaped green rhinestones. The color has blue undertones- more like the color of the diamond shaped rhinestones. The center emerald cut stone is over 1/2" long. Picture of 1948 EISENBERG Magazine Ad(click here) This picture has an Eisenberg Ice piece that is very similar in design (bottom left corner) and is probably a later production of this wartime piece. In very nice condition- except for the chips in the tips of the stones. have not polished this as many prefer the tarnished patina. An interesting quality piece!
113002 ...Large Blue Unfoiled & Satin Glass Flower Brooch ...$30.00
Measures a Whopping 2 3/4" across with a 7/8" center stone. Heavy Goldtone Bezel set unfoiled 1" pears in faceted blue glass and smooth satin glass. Also bezeled navettes and prong set rounds. Layered and rather 3 dimensional- Stands high at 3/4"! In very nice condition!
205034... AB, Lime & Emerald Green Rhinestone Brooch ...$35.00
This is a Striking color combination made in the Juliana Style! Slightly domed and measuring 2 3/4" by 2", the glittery AB rhinestone rounds are in 2 sizes and are the older stones with smaller tables. There is some wear on the tops- does not affect the fire, but there. These seem to have extra reflective quality- so I don't want to replace them. The openbacked, unfoiled navettes are 5/8"(15x7mm) and are in 2 colors of green- Emerald and Olivine. All stones are prongset into goldtone. Other than the slight wear to the tops of some of the AB rounds- this piece is in excellent condition! Back(click here)
061505... Blue Faux Moonstone & Paste R/S Dress Clip ...$22.00
This beautiful dress clip measures 2 1/2" by 1 5/8" and is OLD! The filigree setting is either brass with a silver over it or potmetal. The floral design has a center glass faux blue moonstone cabochon with eight 3/8" emerald green navette petals. They are openbacked, foiled and have tiny light blue rhinestone rounds in between. Around the outer edge are more blue faux moonstone glass cabs and more tiny blue rhinestones are scattered throughout. All stones are pasteset. One of the navettes has lost it's foil, but it has not affected the look of the stone. The setting finish does show some wear- but for it's age, it looks very nice! The clip is still tight and there is lots of sparkle left!! Back(click here)
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