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031006 ... Victorian Hair Goldplated Watch Chain with Garnets and Opal ...$75.00
This is a truly historical piece! The body of the watch chain is made up of tightly woven hair strands in 2 different types of weaves. (look in the middle of each section and you will see where the weave changes). The ends are goldplated and engraved. The centerpiece is also engraved and has 2 small garnet cabochons and a small opal. There is a loop to attach a fob. The total length is 9 1/4", with each hair braid measuring 2 3/4". The hair shows minor fraying and there is some minor wear to parts of the plating, otherwise this piece is in excellent condition. What a romantis way to keep a loved one in your thoughts!
012720 . . . Gold Filled Engraved Locket . . . $65.00
This is a wonderful gold filled piece. It even has a picture of a turn of the century lady with a big hat! The engraved initials are LDM and it is signed on the inside with the initials C & Q & R inside of a triangle.The locket measures 1 3/16" and is on an 18" goldfilled chain with the early spring closure. Probably dates to around 1910.The outter finish is in very good condition except for a ding and tiny scratch on the back. The front is perfect. The inside shows minor wear. A great memory from yesteryear!
040122 . . . HUGE Victorian Signed Handtooled Sash Brooch . . .$85.00
Meauring 4" by 2 1/4", this very unusaul sash pin has several design elements. The center faceted glass piece measures 1 1/4" by 3/4" and is a very light smokey quartz- almost a variegatedlight yellow brown- could be quartz or glass, probably glass. There is some small chipping at the point underneath and a pentip size chip on top. The base is handtooled and chased- with curved, lipped sidesClose-up(click here). There are 2 sections of molded decoration on both sides of the stone. There may be a piece missing on the right side (in the pic), as the design is not symetrical. There is a heavy pinback and a sturdy c-clasp. Made of brass- shiney on the back, more matte' finish on the front. Slight wear to 2 high spots. Signed inside an applied diamond shape- C-B CO. This is a wonderful early piece in very nice condition for it's age. Back(click here)
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